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Why is this page created?

I wish I had known/understood that there is this thing called coding and programming when I was young. So, I try to create a page that I would have wanted to bump into at that time.

I have to admit that I mostly write to myself and for my own entertainment (+education). But of course I’m posting these to the Internet for a reason: I wish someone would read my texts and maybe even get some help or insight from them. If that happens, I will be really happy and satisfied. ^^

This page is not a tutorial to any programming language, world is already full of them. That’s why I try to write about some common and basic things that are connected to programming and what people should know about. Also, I try to make coding a bit less scary...

I try to write things clearly and tangibly -without thinking that a possible reader is a total imbecile- but of course that is a difficult task. That’s why I’ll improve my texts over time (they will probably never be good enough but I try my best).

I really wish that if you read this page, you would comment! Criticism and suggestions will help me to do better :)

Who the writer is?

I’m not a programmer but an engineer from a totally different field, hardly having any merits from programming. After entering university, I got this love-hate relationship towards coding. It might have something to do with my zero-level knowledge of programming at the time, and going to programming courses where everyone else had been programming like from the age of 5.

So, I’m not the typical IT-nerd but I do have a lot of eagerness to learn and I think that information is to be shared (if it isn’t offensive or too private :P).

Trivia: I have two bunnies <3.

How to contact?

Use commenting field (sorry, only un-anonymous posts, because of the Disqus-plugin I'm using)

or email me: krista ( a t )

Why to contact?

If you wish to give feedback, comments or just want to say hi :)

Why there is this "FAQ"?

Because I’m self-centered? Ummm… because someone might actually be interested on it and background information helps one to understand? Not sure ._.

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