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Offtopic: Path of the Hero

Ever wondered why in fairytales (and other stories like that) we have this same pattern: hero is naive and doesn't realize his powers before the learning process starts. After a while he encounters his first opponent. He wins, getting confidence and verification that he is doing the right thing. Next opponent probably is much harder to beat, and sometimes it happens that the hero loses, only to understand something. After gaining that knowledge he is able to become victorious again.

Why it seems that the hero only gets opponents that will challenge him but not destroy him totally? There hardly are too easy opponents but okay, these are not worth mentioning which may cause that we also won't hear about them. And just think what would happen if the hero would encounter his ultimate and final opponent in the beginning? That just would be the end of our hero.

Somehow this pattern seems naive. But there is certain truth to it: people need challenges that make them grow. But they shouldn't come across with challenges that are too much for them. This is the reason why I think people need a mentor - or in work life: a supervisor / boss. A good supervisor will make sure that the work challenges the person but isn't too much for him as that can have disastrous outcomes.

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