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Offtopic: What matters

Do our lives have a meaning? Somewhat an ultimate question, isn’t it? I believe that I only have one life. One life to explore and cherish this massive and beautiful universe. :) (Which makes this question quite important to me.)

Some say: “enjoy your life”. Others may say: “make your life matter”. What is the real, good answer?

Enjoying and maybe developing yourself? That feels too easy -even it may not be that. It just doesn’t seem to be enough. For some reason we wish to leave our mark here. Why? I don’t know, but there is something fundamentally human in that.

Will your life be over one day? Yes. Will the life itself, as we know it, be over one day? Yes, just listen to cosmologists and the expanding of the universe. Would it then matter that you tried to make the world a better place? Or tried not to break it too much.

I think that it won’t matter then. Nothing we did, or someone else did, really matters then. But why it shouldn’t matter now? Why it shouldn’t matter in the mean time? This is all we got, and for a small tiny moment in time, what you do, matters.

Don’t waste it.

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