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Offtopic: Shattered knowledge

I love information. In fact I’m a bit obsessed with it. Not in the same way as people who know a lot and learn things by heart (I hardly ever remember really well anything). This feature of mine has an awkward twist to it: when I meet a person, I immediately start to observe that is this person someone I can use to gain information.

All people have and know things that are interesting and important but some have more of those and/or the knowledge is more easily accessible. With some people you need to know them years before they reveal their incredible life philosophy or that they know everything about old cars. Not that they are hiding those things but situation might not bring those things up.

Anyhow, there are massive amounts of information but how we could make it useful? Now we do have Internet that reflects mildly all the information we have. I say mildly because not everything finds its way to the Internet. Actually it is quite bothering how much info the Internet is lacking (or it just can’t be found easily?).

What I have learnt is that the hardest part of learning is to learn what you don’t know. When you know that, all you need to do is find sources and that is mostly just work.

People seem to be the best way to see that there are this and this thing you didn’t even know about. They tell about their passions or what they have just learnt. And because people like similar people as they are themselves, it is quite probable that two people talking have somewhat similar interests. Not absolutely the same but others passion probably is at least a curiosity for the other person.

This channel of people and friends is now changing a bit because our life is in the Internet. Different service providers try to find out about you and what you might like and also they search for patterns. Patterns on which people are alike, how they behave and what pushes their buttons. Sharing interesting stuff has become easy: in few seconds I can see what my friends are interested right now. Some things are interesting, some not. And quite often I couldn’t care less.

Because I can see everything, the advertising of interesting things from my friends isn’t meant only for me. If I’m meeting a friend privately, she can probably tell what probably interests me and won't tell the stories I probably wouldn't even listen.

Maybe the problem isn’t collecting the shattered information but finding those patterns which can predict and foresee what makes us tic.

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