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Offtopic: Root of all evil

They say that money is the root of all evil. I’m not sure about that. Money is just money, nothing more.

I watched a movie called “Shooting dogs” today. An awful movie, it makes you sick. It told about Rwanda’s genocide. After watching it, I tried to find out what caused the situation. There was no clear answer. People didn’t seem to be suffering that much in Rwanda, or at least there were hardly any mentioning about topics like that. I do not know enough of the history of Rwanda, or even Germany’s, to truly understand what makes people behave in the most horrific ways. But I believe that we are all capable to do just that.

I don’t feel totally satisfied with my life. To be honest, I feel really distressed and haunted. Why? Because I have too much money just to pay my rent, food, and maybe something nice for myself every once in a while. I have so many other opportunities and choices I could make on top of filling my basic needs. And still I don’t have enough money to buy apartment or something as big and important as that. I feel trapped. I have more possibilities than I would really need but not enough to make myself happy. Money gives opportunities but what to do when you are hanging in between two opportunity categories? And you have no way to upgrade yourself to the next level but you've already outgrown the previous level...

(Well, the happy part is a bit of a lie. I’m quite happy. Even the word “happy” in English is more connected to a joyful person than someone with inner balance, in my opinion.)

To me buying an apartment (or a house!) would be really a challenge. I probably could manage to do it but with what cost? I wouldn’t be as free economically as I am now, so I’m not sure if I could make that sacrifice. When I was poorer, it was somewhat easier: I didn’t have so many opportunities and choices I could make. I did know my limits and what was on my reach. The choices were easy as there really were none of them. But it didn’t make me any what unhappy or uneasy. Life was good and I had food, roof and continuity.

One famous philosopher has said that we should give the poorest part of our population as much as we would like to get if we were in the same situation as they are. In that case many would like to give those people (or themselves!) a possibility and opportunity to a good life.

I have always thought that stable society is built so that everyone has something to lose. Even the people who have it really awfully, are somewhat satisfied and happy. They won’t do anything stupid because they could lose something important in their lives. Now I’m not sure if food, shelter and security will do that.

Money is not the root of all evil. Anyone would choose happy life over being rich, right? But people have incredibly huge need to be able to have choices (not so much a need to make them). It’s not money we want, we want to have choices (money can give us that) because then we would have control over our life. We could choose to make it better. We could do something, if something bad would happen, we could protect ourselves and not be just bystanders watching our misery. Do we just sometimes forget the real goal?

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