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Offtopic: Human waste sanitized and recycled

How my topic has anything to do with code? It doesn’t. But I had my WTF-moment reading this:

No offence but if the innovation is to recycle human waste without electricity (except that the system had a battery?), I don’t understand why use all that money. We already have those solutions, many of them. Where we need to put the effort/money is advertising, in my opinion.

You heard me right. Advertising. We have solutions (really many of them actually) to make human waste more clean and also usable with compost. For example urine is usable in garden after half year of stagnation, if it is mixed with water in ratio 1 urine : 10 water when used. (I still wouldn’t feel comfortable in putting it to my vegetable garden thou :P). But it seems that many people aren’t aware of this. So, we need advertising.

I visited Mongolia two years ago and met one really wonderful guy. He told me that tourists from Finland had told them about composting human waste. And according to him it was the best invention ever and they were really excited about it as they didn’t really have water closets and building them wasn’t an option. (There are many people living in gers. And they do it from their own will. This guy I met tried living in an apartment building but preferred his ger…).

I think this is a wonderful example of sharing information without borders. Finns have been using this sort of toilets at least since Middle Age (in Häme castle is one and it has been built ~1300) and the Mongolians heard about this system just couple of years ago! But better late than never.

If you need more information, try to search online. Unfortunately it seems that there aren’t many sources in English (Wikipedia article was a let down…). If needed, I can try to translate some practical information sources I found :)

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