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Now you lost me –version 0.2

THIS VERSION 0.2 IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MOBILE PHONES, TOUCH SCREENS OR IE. I think they will need a totally different user interface…

Anyway, you can now see the new update. It’s not done yet but I feel that it is better than before even thou I did have lots of problems in making it real. There are many things I would have liked to do differently but unfortunately I’m lacking skills and knowledge.

Some important / difficult constraints:

1. I don’t feel comfortable on using half megabyte Javascript library that browsers have to download when coming to my site

2. The computer running my site is low on memory. Personally I don’t see that getting more computers or adding lots of memory to the current one would be the solution. I still want to believe that we can build somewhat effective systems and not use just more and more resources. It is not sustainable and more importantly: that would be bloody expensive. (This is my hobby and I’m not a millionaire! )

3. Webservers cache should be used as much as possible, meaning that I could serve the same HTML-page to everyone because that can be pre-rendered and served from webserver’s memory. That means: we don’t make a huge load to the server and then the server will remain fast. That’s how the lousy computer I use, can service tens of thousands of visitors. (If there is something heavy, the computer will halt immediately.)

There is still the question on what to do when people don’t understand you. But at least with this version I am able to see what version of text the reader was dealing with (== I can change the text if I want and it will not mess up logs).

When one clicks the NYLM-button the browser sends post’s ID, the fingerprint of content and which paragraph was unclear (number). When you re-click it (== cancel), the server will just get a message from the browser that it can forget the clicking. Comments can be added by clicking the speech bubble ^_^

Comments cannot be permanently removed from the system (if it is saved, it is saved) but the comment will not be visible in the backend if the complaint has been cancelled. All this is somewhat anonymous as no IP-address can be associated with the clicking. However, I can see if the same person is clicking multiple parts -> there is a random number to identify the browser.

SPAM etc. problems will be dealt with data-analysing if necessary. I still don’t have tools to examine my data properly but I feel that they can be added later. Currently I have a panel where all the collected data goes and I will get an email every now and then if people are reporting on problems. Comments are just text, so they won’t take too much memory and if someone pastes huge piles of text, it will not be received. If the computer runs out of memory, well, new comments just won’t be saved.

Because being only negative isn’t great, there is now also a button to tell that you have read it through. I already have this like/hate-button from Disqus, so for now that should be enough :)

Umh… This is still work in progress, so opinions, tips and so on are really appreciated! You can find the code from here. The code has hardly any comments, sorry. And it isn’t purely mine as I got help :)

PS. Maybe on my sidebar should be a link to instructions for the button… :/ But then again: nobody reads instructions.

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