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Now you lost me –improvement trying to create more interaction

Let me introduce you to my latest improvement on my site: “Now you lost me”-button that will appear when cursor is over a (certain) paragraph. If you click it, I will receive email saying there is a problem with the certain chapter.

(Now you can click it ;P)

I was having a melt down over a post I thought I’d like to write (naive Bayesian classifiers) but I couldn’t figure out how I should do it. I have no idea what kind of people read this page, so I have problems over directing posts to a certain focus group. I thought that I’d like to write to people who are like me (but maybe younger) BUT if they are not reading this and others are, wouldn’t it be better to write to them?

Long story short: I have no idea how much mathematics etc. I can add here without explaining it myself as math teachings in the Internet are often really complicated compared to the actual matter. And if my text is uncomprehended because it lacks some background information… it just means that my text is useless and waste of time.

My solution: give my readers a button they can press when they just can’t understand what I try to say.

Think how cool it would be, if we had this button in lecture notes and so on! We have so much stuff online already that making them even a bit more interactive would be great. :)

Will this work? Umm… with my page probably not so well but at least I have tried to do something. I hope similar things would come into use elsewhere though (like the lecture notes, it really would make it easier to improve the quality of education). Maybe in a bit different form but as an idea.

If someone has invented this already and has some tool (or so) which we can use to actually do this, please inform me! Or if you have improvement suggestions to my version, I am happy to hear them :) Not sure if I can make them real but still…

PS. First I was thinking of putting a text field there also but I guess that would be too much of a trouble for the reader and if someone really wishes to help me with better pointing me the problem, they can make a comment also.

PPS. I won’t get one email per one mouse click as my mail might consider it spam if there would be too many emails coming almost the same time. So, in reality I will get a collection email every n minutes.

PPPS. Okay, this feature might be a bit irritating...

Commit log

- 22.07.2012 Added PPPS.

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