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Just checked with Google what I get with search words "krista coding". I got my page! Yey, I exist even in the eyes of Google <3. (This is not a paid add but I personally always use Google as it seems to give me the best results and it works easily +some other stuff... ).

But how one can start a webpage of his own? The easiest option is to use some service, there are many that provide homepage's to not-so-nerdy people. I won't talk about those as there might be many regulations on them and you can't totaly control you "own" page then. The more expensive choice is to pay someone to get you your very own page. In my opinion the best, though not the easiest, is to buy a domain of your own. With this choice you'll need quite much time and also some money but then you have all control over your page, it is truly yours and you are not depending on others (much).

First, you need the domain. Every domain is originally owned by ICANN that sells the addresses to registrars. And from them you can buy domains. Domains are just like any merchandise.. hmm.. or houses: you may want to have just some specific house but if someone is already living there you probably can't get it (unless you give the owner A LOT of money as people seem to like their houses :) ).

My domain is and I bought it from There are many other services selling domains, just search for them :) I chose because it is European (German). I hope no-one takes an offence about this but I do trust EU-legislation better than for example US (where seems to be a lot of really headless decisions that trample over consumers rights).

Notice that different endings cost different amounts. .cc is quite cheap (app. 15 US$/year) and .ag seems to be quite expensive (app. 150 US$/year). Prices may change as domains are sold like stocks in stock market: if some domains are "in", their price will rise. AND you actually don't ever really own the domains, it is more like renting: you pay your domain for some specific time being and after that you either have to pay more or someone else can buy it. ALSO: if you get a domain that is/is close to some trademark, the trademark owner can most likely sue you to court to get your domain to themselves. I have my own name in the domain, so it should be quite hard to get it from me even there would be some krista-trademark because I also have an interest/right to this specific name...

Second, you'll need a space to keep your page's content. You can have an own server running in your living room if you have one + good Internet connection (visitors will come to your page == use the server, so it needs to be well-connected to Internet). Most of us can't have that option because it costs money, takes room space and needs monitoring because if your server is down, no one else will fix it. Then there are companies that sell space for webpages. That is the easy solution but be aware of those who try to rip you off!

Third, you need to connect your page into Internet. This means putting name server settings correct etc. It is hard to say how you should do this as the user interfaces differ. You should get instructions on how to do it from the registrar you used to buy the domain (somewhere in their page). This is theĀ  hard part but there are instructions, so do't worry. After changing the settings it will take time (like a day) that the settings actually will change. It's because name servers are slow :)

Fourth, you'll need your page + content. Internet is full of help with this one. And then all is done.

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