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Offtopic: should everyone be able to code?

Able? Yes, coding isn’t magic thou it sometimes seems like it. Of course some people can’t write or read, so coding is quite a challenge then… :)

But should everyone learn to code? This is a question people seem to be discussing a lot these days. Some think that of course, some don’t. I think that people should at least know what it is. Code shouldn’t be like a black box. From my own experience I can say that it is quite unfair that depending on your background you may not even know that such thing as coding exists. And then you can’t investigate it deeper because it doesn’t exist to you.

Different kind of code is spread so widely in our society that it should be common knowledge what it is. All people don’t have to really code, just to understand how their modern world works. If they understand, they can then decide themselves if they wish to learn more.

And maybe the appreciation towards coding would increase if people knew what pain it can be ;) (and that they can’t do it themselves. If they have no idea what coding is, it is too easy just to think that a professional can do anything).

I also think that we shouldn’t deny regular people from making their life easier. And now I’m referring to things written for example in my post 28. :)

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