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Browser – a web page artist

Normally –trying to say: if made correctly- a website consists of a html-file and a css-file. Html contains the structure of the page and also its content. Css-file then again is all about the looks: how the structure and content is supposed to be drawn on the screen.

In practice, when you are surfing on the web and taking a look at some site, to your computer is downloaded at least two files and they are used to create the page into your screen.

The browser is the artist doing all this. It renders the files into something visual. And I really mean something. If you ever use different browsers, you may notice that not all the pages look alike.

Some browsers don’t follow guidelines and standards which makes creating web pages really difficult. Especially one browser, that does whatever it wants, and mostly with outdated technology, is really popular. One should create a page that works with it and with other browsers as well… But browsers can lie: they can claim to be something else than what they really are. So, it is difficult to create different pages for different browsers. This forces us to not use some new neat features and technologies. Unfortunately.

Trivia: there are many different test pages in the Internet where you can check if the browser is complying with the standards.

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