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Internet –basics of our favorite web <3

Happy and joyful Towel day folks!

I wanted to post about something that unites us: a web called the Internet.

Everyone probably knows that the Internet is a bunch of webs that are formed by computers, routers, cables, satellite links and so on. One doesn’t have to be straightly connected to everything on the web, just one connection to somewhere that belongs to the web is enough. Internet is like road network, via other roads you are able to get to the road you wish if it is connected to the network. Ever heard about the six degrees of separation? The idea is that all people in the world are connected to each other via other people. Same applies in the web: computers (etc.) are connected to each other via others.

To get into the web you just have to use right kind of a protocol (and be physically connected - by cable or some other way). Protocols are means of communication. In Internet we use two of them: Ethernet & IP.


This protocol defines the way a computer talks to another computer or a wlan-box. Ethernet won’t tell how you can navigate in the web, just the language (not talking about programming language! This is a metaphor!) you can use in communicating with others around you. If you can’t speak the language, you won’t get into conversations or web. And without conversation it is hard to make friends :/


IP contains the information to be transferred and two addresses: from where the information is coming and where it is going. You have probably heard about IP-addresses. Your IP-address is your address in Internet just like you have a home address in the real world.

IP is a bit like a letter: it has sender's and receiver's addresses + the actual content, and the postal service really don’t give a damn what is inside the letter.

Trivia: What is www?

World wide web is located in the Internet and it is a network of web pages. Internet is so much more than just websites but they are the most visible thing, so let’s focus on them.

Web pages are constructed from files. These files are normally located in some separated computer – a server. A server's job is to contain the page-files and share them. The server has some kind of a program that receives and shares the messages that are moving through the Internet. And the server is located in the web in its specific IP-address.

But how anyone knows that some page exists in some server? Well, nobody actually knows exactly because not that we should know the correct IP-address, we also should know the right path on the server to find the correct files. It would be really challenging for a person to remember some crazy long number + letter sequences. And to make this extra complicated: IP-addresses change time to time, nowadays. That’s why we have more user-friendly method: domains. Just type the domain (+some extra parameters like /posts/14) and there we go.

My domain is But it needs the www. in front of it because…hhmm… I’m lazy (and stingy). Today’s trend is not to have the www.-part. This is possible if you use some certain configurations. I could have both and pointing at my page’s files but I’m using Amazon Web Services which makes this quite hard. Not impossible but I’m not going through the fuss as I’m not an expert on configuring domains :) (Hear my excuses? Want some more?)

Anyhow, the journey from wanting to enter some page to actually getting into it, is quite fuzzy. If you wish to know that better and more accurately, take a look at Wikipedia, for example.

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