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Offtopic: Coder is a wolf to a coder

Why coders seem to create so much mess and why it is so easy to diss them? Why no other field seems to be that full of crap? (Check this out if you honestly believe that all coders are amazing professionals that do nothing wrong:

In programming the cost of entry is pretty much zero. Meaning that anyone can join the group of coders. There is no minimum education or easily seen, understandable merit system. This is a positive thing in many ways but it also creates a lot of problems.

Creating code is really easy, modifying it is easy. That's why one doesn’t have to take too much responsibility over the code they create. Trust me, if you know that someone will spend thousands after thousands making your plans physically true, you will feel overwhelmed responsibility over your work as the result will be easily seen and it is touchable. But code is just something virtual and letters on the screen, I guess. (Even coders themselves seem to lack respect to their own creations).

Enough about the dissing ;)

Coding also changes all the time because either we get new, better, languages or just new better version of certain language. And we also do find new ways of doing things, and better technology gives programming both new challenges and possibilities. Unlike in many other fields, it is really important to be on the bleeding edge of the trends and technology. Today you can be the expert of coding and tomorrow your knowledge is totally outdated.

For some reason, I think that a coder is a wolf to a coder. Not that there is anything new in people generally being that way but with coding it is so much more public and visible. Maybe the field itself is also so visible that it makes it an easy target for bullying.

And somehow mistakes are more acceptable in many other fields as luckily they are seen as normal and it may be easier to see why someone couldn’t see beforehand that something will not work. Could it be that because code is just virtual, mistakes should be easy to fix -at least in people’s minds. On the contrary mostly people do understand that real structures, like walls, are quite hard to be fixed and moved.

Anyhow, programming and coding seems to be like the wild wild west of all the professions :) Let’s see will this change in the future and into what direction.

PS. I would only like to courage you to learn more, get better at coding and never to be too satisfied with your skills. Not being the perfect coder is normal and we all have to start our learning from somewhere :) But I do dislike arrogance and not admitting your mistakes + shortcomings.

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