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Offtopic: So many mobile apps, I’m suffocating!

I’m starting to be quite fed-up with all the adds that are saying ”Zomg! Check out our new, so cool mobile app! Works even with your toaster!”.

Some mobile apps are great and they have a real purpose. But just today, as I was listening to radio, there was an advertisement about the channel’s mobile app. Really long ad actually, and I still didn’t get why I would like to download the app...

Not sure if the advertising was done poorly or was the app just useless. Anyhow, if I listen, let’s say 6 channels, am I supposed to download all 6 of the apps available? Do the channels actually think that people will use the app?

I would also like to point out that our phones still have a limited memory capacity... Of course all don’t have unlimited Internet usage on their phones, so downloading things before hand can be handy. BUT why then many apps also use Internet-connection?

So, please, don’t waste money into apps no-one wants / uses. There are probably many better money holes. I’d really like to emphasise thinking before doing and making profitable decisions... :)

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