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Offtopic: ideas and code have no value?

I have noticed this strange phenomenon about correlation on code and money. There is none.

Some code is worth of million and millions. No matter how much the code actually cost to create and how much it actually increases value (either money or some other value).

And then there is this “free code” that costs nothing. Now I’m not talking about any open source things but about code that goes into recycle bin. Unfortunately the computers recycle bin isn’t so eco as it sounds and we recycle nothing (okay, maybe some disk space).

For some reason people seem to believe that if something isn’t touchable it has no real value. Not even if there has been years and years of work gone into it.

Maybe it is because there is no easily seen value like copper or wood, the value has already been added and right now it is free as the price is already paid.

I see this as quite an irony because most of the programmers cost almost more than money and gold but their products don’t have that much value. Just think that it wouldn’t be group of programmers but group of house builders.

One house takes on average 300 000€ to build (at least in here it does… if you don’t agree just take this as an example). With that money we get 2000 hours of programming work if one hour costs 150€. That means approximately one full year of someone’s working time. And still so many programming projects go into garbage. Have you ever seen even a crappy house going into garbage? No, as we normally try to fix them… Of course sometimes it is good that we don’t try to re-use code that is really bad :) And sometimes projects just go downhill. That happens, sure, but how often?

Investments done to programs are huge. Still it seems that we either don’t think through what we want or need and just start developing programs in way too fast manner. Or we don’t even want to try something new as we are already comfy in our little life.

The field of coding is having a lack of employees (just look at the present job advertisements). There simply aren’t enough good coders and especially programmers. So, why we waste their talents into things that won’t come into use?

I also believe that there is a lot of frustration going on among coders/programmers as their work is not valued and really taken into use. As from my own experience I can say, that being able to create something real, is really motivating: being able to see the result from your work just is plain rewarding (if the result isn’t crap). And the other way round: work your ass off, and for what? Why would you keep working so diligently if nothing is achieved like that?

Other thing having this same problem: ideas. With ideas I have different approach as anyone can have ideas, even really good ones. But ideas are just ideas if nobody makes them into reality. I have seen many people who think they are entitle to millions because they had one nice idea. But they never make the ideas come true. So, I would state that ideas become valuable after they are being realized.

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