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Where do we have code?

Okay, this is more like giving you inspiration, insight and enthusiasm to be interested in coding.

First of all, code can be found in computers: we have different kind of programs and applications, games, drivers, operating systems, webpages and all file formats are done by coding. Saving music into files need coding, listening those files also needs it and seeing actual images from image-files needs it. Special effects on movies, email and text messages. Everything made or done with computers needs coding in some way. Sure, we have great Photoshophers and gamers but all the actions they do, need code. They have nothing without coders ;)

But there are tons of other things that also use code. Pretty much every modern electrical device has some code inside. Modern elevators are really work of art if we consider the code they contain. Energy saving lamps have code inside and some water taps have also. TV’s, SD-memory cards, toasters, cars, helicopters, credit cards with chip (the metal badge) and so on, just name it.

In modern world many things are based on code. To understand our world, one really needs to have at least some understanding from coding and programming. And we also need more and more people who can do the code because it is needed more and more and in bigger and bigger systems. And with code, you can have a huge effect on the world. Whether we are talking about creating new Facebook, Google, Angry Birds, saving the planet or making elderly peoples life more safe.

(and some might even say that humans are full of code, because we behave in many situations in certain way that can be foreseen ;) )

Commit log

- 27.02.2012 Fixed typos + added helicopters :D

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