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Am I stupid because I just don’t get most of the code found from the Internets?

Simply: no.

Some of the code, you find, doesn’t work at all because it’s are written with older version of the used language than what you are using. So, if some tutorial is quite old and it doesn’t work, this is probably the reason.

Other reason is that all the code on the Internet isn’t good code. Unfortunately quite rare coders are that good at what they do (or clear). Different kind of unnecessary gimmicks are for some reason really popular.

Also, many of the examples are done by people who do nothing but code and they are meant for people who do nothing but code. That’s why the writer doesn’t even think that he should focus on making things really clearly. And I guess that nowhere is actually taught what good and clear code is, maybe because there is no standard for it, just different schools. (+ it takes time to write things easily and clearly…. Anyone can patch / hack things together but it is art to make it understandable).

Programs should be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute.

-Abelson and Sussman

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