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Experience ~ effortless coding

In coding experience is really important. Because when you have experience, you get to know what kind of a blocks (or commands to be more precise) there is and how they work. People maybe really good at logic and seeing how to put things together but that has no use if we don’t have a clue what are the parts we are trying to combine and especially if we don’t know what we want as a result.

Let’s demonstrate this with a car and a crossing:

If we assume that you already know how to get the car going forward and then you learn how to turn right. But it never occurs to you that you could also turn left just by turning the steering wheel to the other direction.

Now, it is easy to solve problem of turning to left like this:

But the faster and more correct way of course would be to just turn left (ask your local police if you don’t believe me ;P):

So, with experience you are able to do more elegant, easier and faster code which isn’t so bubblegummy. That’s why it is sometimes good to think the programs you have made before and wonder what you could have done otherwise and better. With experience, creating code also becomes easier because you start to know more and more of different possibilities that you didn’t even dream of in the first place (or the other way round: you know that there is no easy way of doing something, so you don’t waste too much of your energy with fighting the windmills).

But don’t be blue if the coding or finding the commands sometimes seems real pain because we have all experienced it and to be honest: even the best ones are still dealing with the same issues.

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