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Quantum computing continues

Back to the topic! Here are 3 types of quantum computers:

RSFQ, rapid single flux quantum, this is like the lamest one of the quantum computer techniques. This quantum is like regular transistor (computers are built with transistors) but it uses quantum effects that are connected with super conductivity. Super conductivity is the state where materials go when it is cold enough and normally we are interested in this because resistance disappears. But when talking about RSFQ, the resistance isn’t the thing. The thing is that we are able to get clock frequencies that are from tens to hundreds GHz (in regular computer we are talking about 1-3GHz) because of some really strange quantum effects that just are fast as…hmm…. light? And the bigger the clock frequency is the faster the computer is. These are coming into sale now meaning that companies are really going to mass produce these. Most likely war technology and super computers are going to be using these. Some RSFQ-computers are already up and running around the world :)

AQC, adiabatic quantum computer, this is a quantum computer that works slowly. Mostly because we still don’t know that well how to control different quantum states. The faster quantum computer works, the more unstable it will become. That’s why computations must be done slowly, or we just have to learn how to control the computer better. Word adiabatic in the name tells us that thermal energy won’t change. That is the reason why we actually can’t poke this AQC too much as it would change the energy state. So, we poke and let the system calm down and poke then again. This also makes this technology slow even if we would be able to control the quantum states.

Then we have THE quantum computer. The real deal with no silly boundaries. But we actually don’t know yet how to build these. Why people should still care about these? Because once we are able to actually create this type of quantum computer, it means good bye to the money you are keeping in the bank as this computer is able to break all current encryptions and guess all passwords in blink of an eye. Not to make this only a horror story: with this computer we would be able to simulate physics (and other stuff) really, really well and fast. It would really unlock many secrets the world is still hiding from us :)

Wanna know trivia? One of the best experiments where we have tried to build a quantum computer is when some people put lukewarm coffee into a brain scanner. Crazy world, isn’t it? :)

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