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Order of the text

One of the most important things in coding is how we or computer "reads" code. At first it might be hard to understand but when you get the logic it will get a lot easier.

First rule is that code is like this text: it is readable from left-to-right and top-to-bottom.

Second rule is that we can create blocks and hierarchies. If you have a function, it is one block and hierarchy on its own.

Third rule is that we may have loops.

Fourth rule is that sometimes we jump. This is really important. Think that you are reading a text and it says that "in the book x we have nice pictures in page 23, from which we can see how these diseases affect the human body". Now you totally lost what the text is saying, as you don't know what is in the pictures. But you do have the book in your shelf, so you stop reading, jump up from a sofa, get the book and take a look at the pictures. After seeing that there are some nasty photos of swollen limbs, you can continue reading your text.

Mostly we jump like this:

Fifth rule is that we always follow rules of math. Always. And the order where numbers are calculated in math also applies in coding. So, study math kiddos <3

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